Memory Clinic

Memory Clinic Introduction

We provide non-invasive solutions for various common brain health issues for senior citizens, middle-aged individuals, and children. This advanced technology also aids in detecting and preventing the onset of dementia.

Brain Analysis (Assessment)

Brain Analysis Assessment allows us to determine the client’s brain conditions and cognitive performance to achieve optimal functioning in daily life. This amazing technology can correct and alter irregular brainwaves. Learning and getting to know better about our brain allows us to detect the risks of Brain Health Issues.

Our Brain Analysis report includes the readings of:
Brain Analysis Benefit

Might Individual Training (MIT)

MIT headset combines combination of 4 audio technologies, which are binaural wave technology, isochronus audio, single audio technology and high audio technology. The specific mix of the audio is what makes the MIT headsets special and effective. Each theme of MIT is also specially designed to enhance the different cognitive functions of individuals.

Product Description
MIT headset comes in 5 themes,which are Amazing Senior, Dementia, Health, Integration and Sleep. Each headset is customized to individual needs.

Neurofeedback Training

Neurofeedback is a technique that targets brainwave frequencies to teach self-regulation.This training involves placing sensors on the frontal head of a patient to monitor and measure brain activity. These sensors work with software that can analyse the brain to give you an accurate brain data.

It work will by “rewire” unhealthy habits to better habits with repetition training. It also reduce anxiety and depression as well as symptoms such as migraine or chronic pain. Disrupted sleep patterns, hyperactivity, attention deficit, post-traumatic stress and emotional instability are also frequently associated with deregulation in brainwave frequencies.

Train your brain is unlike other treatments because is safe, non-intrusive, and it works. Thanks to neurofeedback, you can change the way the brain works to improve the quality of life.

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