Physio Studio


Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

  • Physiotherapy encompasses rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health promotion.
  • Our medical-grade physical therapy centre focuses on the science of movement, addressing the underlying physical issues and treating them.
  • We aim to maximize our client’s physical strength and help them to restore and maintain function, motion, and overall well-being.
  • We welcome short-term stays in our assisted care unit with intensive rehabilitation or a more relaxing outpatient schedule.
  • We are proud of our experienced registered physiotherapist, and occupational therapist, who will work together to offer the best of:
    • Postoperative rehabilitation
    • Pulmonary therapy for chronic lung disease
    • Mobility training for neurology and orthopaedic condition
    • Orthopaedic /sport injury therapy
    • Pain control and dry needling and various traditional physiotherapy treatments
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